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    XEB, ex original members of Third Eye Blind reunite to perform Debut Album “Third Eye Blind” 20th Anniversary Tour

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    VIP includes a ticket to the show, early entry into the venue, access to XEB’s soundcheck (where they will perform exclusive rare songs) and a pre-show Meet & Greet / photo opportunity / signing with Kevin,Tony and Arion.

    XEB (aka X Eye Blind) brings together ex original members of Third Eye Blind. Kevin Cadogan, Tony Fredianelli and Arion Salazar’s contributions span 17 years of the band’s history. Cadogan, who was a signatory to Third Eye Blind’s Elektra record deal, performed lead guitar and composed the music to 10 of the 14 songs on 3eb’s 1997 Self Titled debut album which sold 6x platinum. Cadogan also composed the music to 6 songs on 3eb’s 2x platinum selling sophomore album ‘Blue’ including the fan favorite “Wounded”. Cadogan has been hailed as a Master Innovator by Guitar Player Magazine and toured from ’96-’99 performing his co-authored radio hits “How’s It Going To Be”, “Graduate”, and “Losing A Whole Year”.

    In San Francisco 1993/94, they wrote and performed under the name Third Eye Blind until Fredianelli exited the band that same year, but not before contributing musical production elements to songs on the debut such as “Motorcycle Drive By” and the hit “Semi Charmed Life”. Fredianelli later contributed his signature backing vocals and guitar, ushering in a new sound for Third Eye Blind that carried through the fourth album. Fredianelli composed the music to many songs on the certified gold album ‘Out Of The Vain’. His co-authored radio hits include “Blinded”, “Non-Dairy Creamer” and 2009’s “Bonfire” from the #1 selling album ‘Ursa Major’.

    Grammy nominated Bassist and composer Arion Salazar co-wrote many songs (credited and un-credited) throughout the band’s career including the hit “Never Let You Go” along with other fan favorites spanning the bands career. Salazar is credited as a producer on Third Eye Blind’s ‘Blue’ and ‘Out Of The Vein’ albums and is known for his signature use of double/effected bass tracking and vintage keyboards.

    Shaun Peace Band:
    Mixing the roots of rock & roll, blues, & alternative music, Shaun Peace has a uniquely blended sound of acoustic and electric music that is unforgettable

    Hailing from Cincinnati, ROOM FOR ZERO’s take on Indie Rock has created a buzz that has quickly pushed the band from the shadows of local clubs into the limelight. They have formulated an intoxicating mixture, by distilling The Police’s punkish reggae with Arctic Monkey’s heavy brit-rock, and adding a twist of anthemic guitar-driven indie rock. The innovative, yet somehow familiar, sounds that have graced the British underground now captivate the band’s growing crowds in the American Midwest. Their overnight success prompted local radio play, and appropriately earned spins on local radio in the UK.

    Frontman Ian Ford, guitarists Michael Stubbs and Chris Harding, and drummer Aaron Cunningham increased strides to match their exponential rate of success fueled by professional performances that made them resemble a major touring act more than the hometown heroes they were. They frantically began work on self-releasing an album to demonstrate their ever-growing repertoire.

    Shortly after a debut performance at the 2016 Bunbury Music Festival, ROOM FOR ZERO hosted an acclaimed underground indie release party, sealing off a summer that destined the band for major attention.
    Performing alongside acts like Florence + the Machine, Maps and Atlases, LANY, and Of Monsters and Men; ROOM FOR ZERO’s captivating performances, and unique American Brit Rock, earned them the title of “emerging artist to watch”.

    A product of their success, ROOM FOR ZERO announced the 2017 release of their highly anticipated EP, “You Used To Say I’m The Only One”. “Our vision is decisive, and we want to take everyone with us as we grow”, says Ford, “If the world wants to hear us, we will play for the world.

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