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Year of the Locust



May 31, 2018
8:00 pm - 1:00 am
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Year of the Locust – YOTL is a motley collection of personalities from the American Northeast. Hailing from NYC, Washington Dc, and West “By God” Virginia, the band’s sound has come into its own under the watchful eye of producer/guitarist Brain Bonds.

“I remember going to see them at The Masquerade in Atlanta. In the moments before YOTL hit the stage, I (and everyone else) heard some sort of guttural gang chant erupt from the backstage area. It really grabbed everyone’s attention. The tenacity they brought to their show and the way they commanded the stage was reminiscent of the arena bands I enjoyed as a kid. That type of power is a unique thing, and I knew I wanted to know more about them.” -Brian Bonds

What he had heard was the band’s pre-show huddle. A ritual Year of the Locust uses to clear their minds of the day, put aside the rest of the world, and prepare for the show. In early 2017, after his departure from Florida Georgia Line, Brian toured with Tantric alongside Y.O.T.L. The band would forge a friendship with Brian that would ultimately lead to him producing ‘Rock. Sex. God. Machine.’ later that year, and yielding the single, “Sunrise.”

In December of 2017, Brian would spend a week in the Catskill Mountains of NY with the band. It was the first time YOTL had been together to create as an entire group. Brian brought them together not only as a family but into something that reflected their collective, eclectic tastes.

They held “church” every morning. With Brian leading an open forum to catch the “vibes” of the group and bring that energy to the 12-16 hours of brutal, rock and roll boot camp that would follow. They shared things about their goals, dreams, secrets; truly solidifying them as a family. And ultimately Brian would open his doors to the band in Nashville where he would produce the new E.P.

Of course, no studio session is without its share of antics and this one was no different. Between the cases of beer, pounds of coffee, bottles of liquor, a T-Rex and a Jigsaw doll things got weird. Things also got magical. Y.O.T.L. set out to create something that was uniquely authentic and represented their very broad spectrum of musical backgrounds. A six-headed musical monster was born.

Having shared the stage with some musical behemoth’s in recent years, the band feels as though it’s search for identity has been (temporarily) quenched. Eager to reveal the new beast to the world, the band will have their chance as they kickoff 2018 with a 36 city tour alongside Starset. Add to that a new single/music video release for “Sunrise” and “The Swarm” is set for domination in 2018.

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